Appointment Details: Access & Functions

Appointment Details: Access & Functions First, you will need to be in the Campus Calibrate area of the ConexED user panel and within a Group. Once in a specific Group within Campus Calibrate, the Calendar view will come up first. Please access the Appointment Details from the Calendar View and by clicking onto the appointment. It will be color coded by location type. Below:  Check-In & ... Read more

Campus Calibrate Calendar Views

Campus Calibrate Calendar Views The ConexED"s scheduling system called Campus Calibrate has several calendar views that will allow front desk and staff members to review scheduled appointments and access the appointment details. Check-In View Good to see the a list for a specific day. Click into the appointment details by clicking onto the specific appointment in the list. The details of the appointment will appear over the ... Read more

Minimum Technical Requirements

ConexED / Cranium Cafe Minimum Technical Requirements: PC Specs: CPU: 1GHz or faster Memory: 1GB of ram or higher Hard drive: 1GB available hard disk space OS: Windows 7 or higher Apple Specs: iMac: 2009 or later MacBook: 2009 or later OS: OSX 10 or higher/iOS will require the ConexED App located here Linux/Android Specs: Any version of Linux that supports the latest Firefox or Chrome build Bandwidth: 1 Mbps or higher Browser: Latest version of Chrome ... Read more


 Integrations: Webpage Embed verses Canvas LTI Webpage Integration   Specifics: Located within a Specific Student Services Webpage as an Embedded Widget Connected to the ConexED Department and Group's Infrastructure Pulls forms from Group’s Informed Consent, Intake Forms, End of Meeting Surveys, Staff Review Forms, Reason Codes, Locations, and Email Templates Integration Purpose: Scheduling for all on-campus and in video meetings Reason Code Reporting for State/Federal Funding and Grants Canvas LTI   Specifics: Located within a ... Read more

Creating Departments & Groups

School’s ConexED’s Infrastructure Customization (needs to be completed before onboarding faculty and staff) Create Departments shells and active student services Groups within ConexED to replicate how your school is structured (all customization of the appointment management system is at the Group level) Create and customize the Informed Consent, Intake Forms, End of Meeting Surveys, Staff Review Forms, Reason Codes, Locations, and Email Templates for each location within ... Read more