Empowering Students with Mind Riot

Empowering Students with Mind Riot Cranium Cafe will be presenting at The Leonardo's innovation collaborative for high school students. “I wish we had that when I was in high school!” This is what entrepreneurs say when they hear about Mind Riot — The Leonardo’s three-day innovation collaborative for 100 high school students from around the state. With the help of field experts from science, technology, and ... Read more

Meet Cindy, The Student Advisor Who Started It All

Our CEO Tracy Gorham was a nontraditional student. While education is more digitized & streamlined every day, Big Data could never have predicted Tracy’s journey. There was nothing run-of-the mill about Tracy and she struggled to make her way through the system on her own — the system that allows so many students like her to fall through the cracks. But she experienced a ... Read more

Three Southern Utah State Schools set Use the Cafe

Southern Utah State Schools set Use the Cafe   It was a great week meeting with the CIO, Directors, and Tech Gurus of these Southern Utah Universities! We are excited to enable Cranium Cafe into their Canvas LMS. This will be the beginning of a great partnership with UEN and other Utah state schools and will bring Cranium Cafe to rural, online, and disabled students so that ... Read more
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