“Can Someone Look That Up?”: From Teacher to Technology in the Classroom

“Can Someone Look That Up?”: From Teacher to Technology in the Classroom This statement didn’t mean much 10 years ago. For most, it wasn’t even uttered five years ago. Today, I hear this phrase in nearly every class. We use technology to confirm facts, reference history, and take learning to a new level. Technology has inherently changed the way we learn and interact in the ... Read more

Cranium Cafe Raises $250K for Student Learning & Communication Technology

Cranium Cafe Raises $250K for Student Learning & Communication Technology January 5, 2015 (Salt Lake City, UT) – Cranium Cafe, the education technology startup said by CIO Review to be “lifting industry standards for online and distance education,” announced today that it closed a successful seed round of funding. The funding comes from several investors — Kickstart Seed Fund, Salt Lake City Angels, and .exe ... Read more

What Drives? Destination: Course Completion

What Drives? Destination: Course Completion There is an innate driver in everyone to set a course toward a defined destination.  The destination is a matter of what drives the individual.  The destination can be influenced by environmental factors that alter the road ahead.  Accessibility to fine navigational tools is important for being guided on a steady and accurate course to the defined goal.   What drives ... Read more

Professor? That’s Right. I Called.

Professor? That's Right. I Called. Email was a novelty when it first rolled out, and so was the concept of earning a degree online.  Email has aged, and earning a degree online has gone mainstream these days.  These communications systems have transformed and are being transformed through time. Although email has been beneficial at pioneering online communications between professor and student, it is a flat and ... Read more

101 Ways to Cafe: Online Advising Edition

101 Ways To Cafe: Online Advising Edition As a continuation of the 101 Ways to Cafe blog series (see Part 1: 15 ways to use Solo Recordings & Part 2: Writing Center Edition), we bring you 22 ways your academic advising team can use Cranium Cafe. 31. Instant online advising sessions (see above image for steps) 32. Advisors can put their Cafe Cards on the advising webpage, like putting an ... Read more

New Feature Announcement: The Cafe Now Button!

NEW FEATURE ANNOUNCEMENT! Introducing: The Cafe Now Button We’re just outstandingly pleased to announce our first social icon, the Cafe Now Button. This is essentially a smaller & more sleek version of the Cafe Card in that it has the same functionality — someone visiting your website can still initiate a Cafe with you if you’re online, and they can still schedule a later appointment if ... Read more
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