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Viewing and Editing Upcoming My Cafe Appointments

Viewing and Editing Upcoming My Cafe Appointments All of your upcoming meetings will appear in  “My Cafe Appointments”. This is where you can view and edit appointment information, download attachments, add/remove meeting guests, cancel appointments. Canceling appointments gives you the option to state the reason for cancellation which is included in the email sent out to all participants. *A meeting link will pop-up 5 minutes before the ... Read more

Schedule a Cafe Meeting

Schedule a Cafe Meeting You can schedule a meeting with multiple users by using the “Schedule Cafe Meeting feature”.  Select the date, timezone, meeting start and end time and a subject. You can also attach any files that will be used during the meeting such as an agenda. Finally, add up to 6 emails to invite participants and click “Create Meetings”     Read more

Cranium Cafe Scheduler Settings

Cranium Cafe Scheduler Settings The scheduler settings control how you want others to schedule an appointment with you. You can adjust your Cranium Cafe scheduling settings to fit your preferences. Choose your timezone, default meeting length, a time buffer, time frame limit, reminder notifications and whether or not you want to students to have the ability to directly schedule appointments.   You can also create default online ... Read more

Cranium Cafe Overview

Cranium Cafe Overview The Cranium Cafe feature of ConexED Cranium Cafe is a meeting and collaboration platform designed specifically for student support. Cranium Cafe includes an online scheduler, virtual lobby, and a video meeting space. The scheduler, virtual lobby, and video meeting space is yours and you control how students engage with each application. Just like you would control your appointments, open walk-ins, and in-office ... Read more

ConexED and Microsoft Outlook Plugin Calendar Integration

ConexED and Microsoft Outlook Plugin Calendar Integration For this integration, you will need a PC (plugins are not available for MAC computers). Choose the Outlook tab and one of the plugin options available.   Choose the connector and enter your ConexED username and password to “authenticate” the integration.   Once your chosen calendar is synced with ConexED you can schedule Cranium Cafe and Classrooms meetings through the ConexED User ... Read more

ConexED and Office365 Calendar Integration

ConexED and Office365 Calendar Integration If you have an Office365 account, choose the Office365 tab on the Calendar Integration page and follow the steps. The Office365 page will open in a new tab and ask for your username/password.     Read more
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