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Accessing archives can be done when logged into your ConexED account. If you participated in the Cranium Cafe or Classroom meeting, they archive will be within the Archive page of your user panel. If you did not participate in a meeting, the instructor or staff member will need to send you the link of the archive in order for you to play it. Again, you must be logged into your ConexED account and you must use either Chrome or Firefox to play the archive. For the best playback experience, please use a laptop or desktop computer.
Help Video on Publishing and Embedding Archives


Log into your ConexED account and click onto the “Archives” tab to access the archive you participated in.


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There are many playback and share options within the Archive page.

  • At the top is a search option where you can find the archive of the person you met with and by date.
  • The “Publish” check box allow instructors and staff members to make the archive public and available to students who did not attend the live meeting. *Note: Only Classroom meetings can be make public. Cranium Cafe meetings are protected and can not be shared.
  • View Chat allows the participant to view the “knock on door” chat before the meeting started. The meeting chat will be located in the Archive player.
  • The Link button allows access to the direct link which can be shared if it is made public and is a Classroom meeting or if the shared with a ConexED administrator (ConexED Admins can view all archives without restriction).
  • Embed link allows you to get an embed code similar to a Youtube video embed code. You can paste that code into a Canvas course or into a webpage.
  • The Delete button will delete the archive.

Archives: Play, Share, Embed

Playback is simple, simply click the Playback button and a new tab will open so you can view the recorded video, audio and chat.


To share, first check the box so the recipients can access the link. There are two options to share, the first one is by clicking on the link icon which will generate a unique link to share via email, text, chat or LMS by copying and pasting.


Using the embed option, you can copy the HTML code so you can embed in an LMS with the HTML editor option.


Make sure the editor is selected when pasting the embed link to an LMS

The Chat history can be viewed by choosing the chat icon. The meeting must be public for users to view the recorded chat history. In keeping with FERPA and Confidentiality, these cafe meeting links and embedded videos will not be available unless every participant in the meeting has chosen to publish the link.

When sharing, keep in mind the meeting type. If the meeting was recorded in the Cranium Cafe, you can only share the link with users who attended and the meeting is only viewable if all attendees make the meeting public. Anyone who did not attend will not be able to access the meeting. If the meeting was recorded with Classrooms, the link is accessible to anyone with the link as long as the public option is checked.

 To delete any unneeded meetings simply choose 

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Heather Lund

Director of Academic Outreach at ConexED
Heather Lund is the Director of Academic Outreach at ConexED.With an extensive client services resume, she's worked to build strong relationships, partnered with client success and growth.
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Heather Lund is the Director of Academic Outreach at ConexED. With an extensive client services resume, she's worked to build strong relationships, partnered with client success and growth.