In-Meeting Accessibility Information

ConexED accessibility features enable participants with disabilities such as visual and hearing impairment to schedule, attend, and participate in both Cranium Cafe and Classroom video meetings. These enhancements to the service are based on the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 and the 21st Century Communications & Video Accessibility Act requirements and are made in order to expand access to student support services. We’ve made the ... Read more

Enabling Your Webcam & Microphone

Enabling Your Webcam & Microphone Overview of Technical Requirements Web Browser Requirements Laptops/Computers should use Chrome or Firefox (Chrome is preferred - download Chrome here) Mobile Requirements Android Devices should use Chrome iOS will be active with the latest version of Safari. Release date November 2018. Have a webcam and microphone ready (earbuds work great for microphones)     Most common Technical Issue Web camera not connecting or activated which displays as a grey box ... Read more

Scheduling a Cafe Meeting

Scheduling a Cafe Meeting You can schedule a Cranium Cafe meeting directly with anyone inside your school's ConexED platform. First: Locate the "Schedule Cafe Meeting" button located in the main left navigation of the ConexED user panel to schedule a Cranium Cafe meeting directly.   Second: Customize the meeting date and time. Include a meeting subject and upload a file prior to the meeting (optional functions). Select participants ... Read more

Office365 Calendar Integration

ConexED's Office365 Calendar Integration Integrate your Office 365 calendar with your ConexED online scheduler. The O365 calendar integration is cloud-based and will  push down and up to all Outlook calendars on all computers and devices resulting in the best calendar synching in real-time. Video Tutorial First: Locate the "Calendar Settings" tab in the ConexED user panel. Second: Select the "Connect Office365 calendar" link. Note: You will need to have an ... Read more

Google Calendar Integration

ConexED's Google Calendar Integration Connect your Google calendar with your ConexED account allowing a real-time push/pull syncing. This method of real-time calendar syncing reduces double bookings and allows students self-schedule which is a great time saver. Please use Chrome as your "default" browser. This will help sync your Google calendar and join Cranium Cafe and Classroom meetings in the preferred browser. Video Tutorial First: Navigate to the "Calendar ... Read more

Submit A Help Ticket

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