Enter your Cafe

Enter your Cafe - Located in the Cranium Cafe tab of the User Panel   This feature is perfect for faculty/staff who want to enter the cafe to set up their document library and practice going through features. The meeting room will open in a new tab where you will be prompted by your browser to allow access to your webcam and microphone. In order for ... Read more

Viewing and Editing Upcoming My Cafe Appointments

Viewing and Editing Upcoming My Cafe Appointments All of your upcoming meetings will appear in  “My Cafe Appointments”. This is where you can view and edit appointment information, download attachments, add/remove meeting guests, cancel appointments. Canceling appointments gives you the option to state the reason for cancellation which is included in the email sent out to all participants. *A meeting link will pop-up 5 minutes before the ... Read more

Cranium Cafe Overview

Cranium Cafe is the first Academic Communication System (ACS) built to connect students to their academic support team (instructor, counselor, tutor, advisor) regardless of ability or location. Cranium Cafe is a meeting and collaboration platform designed specifically for student support. Cranium Cafe includes an online scheduler, virtual lobby, and a video meeting space. The scheduler, virtual lobby, and video meeting space is yours and you ... Read more

Microsoft Outlook Plugin Calendar Integration

ConexED's Microsoft Outlook Plugin Calendar Integration Connect your  computer's Windows version Outlook Calendar to your Cranium Cafe online office hours for a full and immediate push/pull sync in real-time. (Mac Outlook plugin is in development. Please try using the Office 365 integration with your Mac Outlook). Note: If you have access to Office 365, you might want to consider using this syncing method since it will ... Read more

Setting up your ConexED Calendar

Setting up your ConexED Calendar ConexED can integrate with your personal or business calendars in Google, Office365, or Outlook (plugin only available for PC users). ConexED also has its own fully functional calendar that you can use without an integration. To access your calendar, choose “Profile Settings” from the left menu and then choose “Calendar Integration”.   By default, your calendar will be set to the ConexED calendar. ... Read more

Integrating your Cafe Card into a Webpage

Integrating your Cafe Card into a Webpage By retrieving two lines of code in your profile settings, you can copy and paste Cranium Cafe Cards into a webpage and be up and running within a few minutes. Click on your café card at the top right of the screen or choose “Customize Card” from your “Profile Settings”. Scroll down the page to the code options ... Read more
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