What I Learned from Academic Advisors

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.net   I learned a lot during the two-day Utah Advising Association Conference. I learned that “good” students struggle too. I learned that students frequently turn down help, even when they’re academically drowning. I learned that students are more likely to trust someone who is smiling (it has to be a real smile though — a “Duchenne” smile). I also learned that academic advisors ... Read more

Empowering Students with Mind Riot

Empowering Students with Mind Riot Cranium Cafe will be presenting at The Leonardo's innovation collaborative for high school students. “I wish we had that when I was in high school!” This is what entrepreneurs say when they hear about Mind Riot — The Leonardo’s three-day innovation collaborative for 100 high school students from around the state. With the help of field experts from science, technology, and ... Read more

Upcoming: NACADA Region 10 & UAA

  Upcoming: NACADA Region 10 & UAA Cranium Cafe presenting on the importance of human connection in student services. We’re pretty excited about NACADA Region 10’s annual conference in Jackson Hole this week, and the Utah Academic Advising Association’s annual conference in Ogden on the 29th. Remember Cindy from our last post? She was our CEO’s academic advisor, and she provides a constant source of inspiration for all ... Read more

Meet Cindy, The Student Advisor Who Started It All

Our CEO Tracy Gorham was a nontraditional student. While education is more digitized & streamlined every day, Big Data could never have predicted Tracy’s journey. There was nothing run-of-the mill about Tracy and she struggled to make her way through the system on her own — the system that allows so many students like her to fall through the cracks. But she experienced a ... Read more

5 Days, 13 Colleges, and a lot of Cafe Action

5 Days, 13 Colleges, and a lot of Cafe Action We recently completed a successful trip through the beautiful state of Washington. We met with 13 schools in 5 days and had several conversations with enthusiastic Cafe users and soon-to-be users. We had the pleasure of meeting with Bellevue Community College, Green River Community College, Seattle Central Community College, Pierce College, Shoreline Community College, Edmonds ... Read more
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