WCAG 2.0 AA & Section 508 Guidelines for Online Education

Accessibility in Online Education: WCAG 2.0 AA and Section 508 Guidelines Online education has many benefits. One of them is enabling as many qualified students as possible to access low-cost and flexible certificate, diploma, degree, and even Ph.D. programs. However, offline and web-based learning management systems that lack full-accessibility features are locking out or disadvantaging learners with disability. Not only is that unfair, but also ... Read more

Improving Online Course Completion and Retention at Community Colleges

Improving Online Course Completion and Retention at Community Colleges: What do we know about student learning outcomes in online courses?  If one were to simply wade through the first page of Google search results for, “online course completion statistics;” the results would vary from: 1) They’re better 2) They’re worse 3) Not sure 4) It depends.  The latter is most interesting, as it depends on ... Read more

Equality for Online Students

Equality for Online Students 100% Online Course Completion - A Westminster College Case Study  -  Remember your favorite class in college? Odds are that the most important factor in your fondness for that class was your connection with your professor.  Other important factors were probably interaction with your classmates and how successful you were in the class.  What if your only communication with that same professor ... Read more