New Feature Announcement: The Cafe Now Button!

NEW FEATURE ANNOUNCEMENT! Introducing: The Cafe Now Button We’re just outstandingly pleased to announce our first social icon, the Cafe Now Button. This is essentially a smaller & more sleek version of the Cafe Card in that it has the same functionality — someone visiting your website can still initiate a Cafe with you if you’re online, and they can still schedule a later appointment if ... Read more

The Latest: 4 Schools Renew for Another Year with Cranium Cafe

    The Latest: 4 Schools Renew for Another Year with Cranium Cafe  We’re thrilled to announce that Snow College, the Community Colleges of Spokane, Dixie College, and Ogden-Weber Technical College have all renewed their contracts to use Cranium Cafe for another year. We couldn’t be more pleased about all the cool ways these schools are using Cranium Cafe. We want to give a big shout-out and ... Read more

Dan, The Explanatory Video Man

A Shout Out To Dan, The Explanatory Video Man This may be a bit unconventional, but hey, conventional is boring. I want to blog a shout-out. Remember this video? We love it. We loved it the first time we saw it and we love it today. We still smile when the little characters pop up just because we like them so much. But we also smile because ... Read more

101 Ways to Cafe: Writing Center Edition

  101 Ways To Cafe: Writing Center Edition As a continuation of the 101 Ways to Cafe blog series (see Part 1: 15 ways to use Solo Recordings), we bring you 16 ways your Writing Center (or Writing Lab) can use Cranium Cafe. 16. Instant virtual writing consultations 17. Each consultant can set their own “Cafe Hours” (during which students can schedule appointments) 18. Each consultant can include areas of ... Read more

Student Services Superstar: Barbara Dalene

Student Services Superstar Spotlight: Barbara Dalene (AKA Big Bad Barb1) Title: Music Advisor School: Snow College Quote from a fan: “Barb has a great sense of humor and she’s so willing to do whatever is needed. I’m so proud of her!” —Susan Larsen, Director of the Student Success Center Before jumping into her profile & interview, it must be said that Barb has a very special place in our hearts here at Cranium ... Read more

101 Ways To Cafe: Part 1

  101 Ways To Cafe: Part 1 15 ways to use Solo Recordings Instructor — explain the syllabus once & post recording for a class Instructor — explain an assignment once and post recording for a class Instructor/TA — using Share Screen, post how-to videos by recording a series of steps in programs like Excel or SPSS Admissions, Registrar, IT Support, Advisor, Alumni Relations, Librarian, etc. — post recorded steps ... Read more
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