New Feature Announcement: The Cafe Now Button!

NEW FEATURE ANNOUNCEMENT! Introducing: The Cafe Now Button We’re just outstandingly pleased to announce our first social icon, the Cafe Now Button. This is essentially a smaller & more sleek version of the Cafe Card in that it has the same functionality — someone visiting your website can still initiate a Cafe with you if you’re online, and they can still schedule a later appointment if ... Read more

The Latest: 4 Schools Renew for Another Year with Cranium Cafe

    The Latest: 4 Schools Renew for Another Year with Cranium Cafe  We’re thrilled to announce that Snow College, the Community Colleges of Spokane, Dixie College, and Ogden-Weber Technical College have all renewed their contracts to use Cranium Cafe for another year. We couldn’t be more pleased about all the cool ways these schools are using Cranium Cafe. We want to give a big shout-out and ... Read more

Westminster College Selects Cranium Cafe, Launching Virtual Advising and Admissions

Westminster College Selects Cranium Cafe for Virtual Video Advising Salt Lake City, July 17, 2014 — Cranium Cafe today announced that Westminster College — a school lauded by the Princeton Review for its quality of life, green efforts, and academics — has chosen to use Cranium Cafe’s video meeting & collaboration software. “The implementation of Cranium Cafe reflects Westminster’s ongoing commitment to building relationships,” said ... Read more

Student Optimism & Dream Crushing

  “I love being around students. They’re so optimistic. They haven’t gone out into the world and had their dreams crushed yet.” I was a student when I heard these words, and it was an alumnus from my alma mater speaking to me. When he said it, I balked. I was four months from graduating at the time and completely primed to fixate on the “dreams ... Read more

What I Learned from Academic Advisors

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /   I learned a lot during the two-day Utah Advising Association Conference. I learned that “good” students struggle too. I learned that students frequently turn down help, even when they’re academically drowning. I learned that students are more likely to trust someone who is smiling (it has to be a real smile though — a “Duchenne” smile). I also learned that academic advisors ... Read more

Empowering Students with Mind Riot

Empowering Students with Mind Riot Cranium Cafe will be presenting at The Leonardo's innovation collaborative for high school students. “I wish we had that when I was in high school!” This is what entrepreneurs say when they hear about Mind Riot — The Leonardo’s three-day innovation collaborative for 100 high school students from around the state. With the help of field experts from science, technology, and ... Read more
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