Dynamic scheduling, meeting, and reporting software —  simplified.

What if your students could schedule meetings with their instructors, wait in line for advising services from anywhere on campus, receive tutoring through a video app, and attend a virtual class —  all using the same software platform?

Better yet, what if that software created intuitive reporting and analytics for your administrative team, so you could easily track important data needed for state and federal reporting?

Welcome to ConexED.

We’ve spent thousand of hours with college and university faculty and staff to create a product that is truly in tune with your higher education needs. Our goal is to improve students’ everyday, face-to-face communication with all members of their academic support teams, while revolutionizing your institution’s ability to collect and analyze the data you need.

What does ConexED offer?

ConexED is a cloud-based student engagement suite that facilitates student access to support services, instructional resources, and co-curricular opportunities. Our FERPA-compliant and ADA, WCAA 2.0 AA -conforming, synchronous web platform supports both scheduled and drop-in connections, meetings, workshops, and classrooms.

With ConexED’s software suite, students can easily:

* Schedule appointments with anyone on campus * Attend virtual meetings * Cancel or reschedule appointments * Check in to co-curricular activities * And more!

State-of-the-art reporting and analytics.

Our software does more than simply connect students to services. ConexED integrates with your institution’s Student Information System (SIS), capturing and reporting data for state initiatives such as Guided Pathways. This data integration makes it easy for you to collect the data you need to retain necessary funding through state programs and federal grants, all while keeping your students on the right path.

Every time a student uses ConexED software to schedule, attend, postpone, or cancel a meeting, rich data is captured and returned to your administration. This data can be easily turned into analytic reports and predictive analyses so you can understand and improve individual- or group-level student engagement, and easily provide accurate reports to state and federal funding programs.

ConexED’s full software suite.

Our full suite integrates three main systems:

  • Campus Calibrate helps students schedule meetings anywhere on campus, as well as virtual meetings for those working remotely. It also creates a queue that students can check from their phones, for those times when more than one student needs to meet with the same support personnel.

  • Cranium Cafe connects students with instructors, tutors, and support staff for remote, video-based meetings, easily allowing for screen-sharing and other features that replicate an in-person office visit.

  • Classrooms provides a virtual meeting space for up to 100 participants, allowing students to attend classes, workshops or classrooms remotely while retaining a quality classroom experience.

Use them all together for scheduling, meeting, reporting and analysis, or pick and choose the ones that best meet your school’s needs.

Please schedule a video appointment or “knock” on our door via our interactive ConexED Cards.

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