Four More Instructional Strategies for Successful Virtual Lessons

Four More Instructional Strategies for Successful Virtual Lessons Part 2 of 2 In Part 1, we talked about four effective instructional strategies and ways to implement them in virtual settings. In this post, we’ll explore four more strategies, each of which support student learning by promoting student ownership, metacognition, literacy, and application. Virtual settings pose particular advantages and particular challenges, so in addition to the planning ... Read more

Four Tips for Participating in a Virtual Meeting

Four Tips for Participating in a Virtual Meeting Last week, I presented some best practices for facilitating a successful virtual meeting: checking your technology, creating a professional background, having resources available, using engaging tools and structures, and determining next steps and making sure to follow through. Likewise, participants can contribute to successful meetings by using best practices of their own. Most importantly, the length ... Read more

Setting Office Hours

Setting up Office Hours for yourself within a Group First, the staff or faculty member will need to be added into the Campus Calibrate "Group" in order to have the Group setting functions within their personal Calendar Settings tab. Please refer to this help webpage on how to add Group User to a Campus Calibrate Group To add your own office hours that are associated ... Read more

Zoom Vs. Skype, Adobe & ConexED | What’s the best video chat platform for my school?

ConexED Vs. Zoom Skype, & Adobe What's the Best Video Chat Software for Education? As more students move online and take classes remotely, educators, advisors, and institutions are looking to adapt video chat platforms like Zoom and Skype to fulfill their obligations to provide equal and equitable access to all students, regardless of their location or special needs.  While these video chat platforms are widely used, ... Read more

Event w/ Seat Registration Workshop Button

Activate your "Workshop Registration" button within your ConexED Card to offer on-campus and/or/simultaneous online workshops and classroom meetings. This is perfectly suitable for orientations, probation workshops, and all classroom meetings. To activate the button, please follow these steps: Log into your ConexED account Navigate to the Card Customization page Check the box next to "Show the Workshop Registration button within my ConexED Card"   Next, create intake forms for specific ... Read more

Instant Chat Messaging Functions

Instant Chat Messaging Functions   The instant chat messaging function is connected to the "Knock on Door" button within the ConexED Card. To activate the "Knock on Door" button, you will need to be logged into your ConexED account and select "Online" as your status. The real-time status is located under your photo and name in the left top corner of the user panel. When you engage ... Read more
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