What Drives? Destination: Course Completion

There is an innate driver in everyone to set a course toward a defined destination.  The destination is a matter of what drives the individual.  The destination can be influenced by environmental factors that alter the road ahead.  Accessibility to fine navigational tools is important for being guided on a steady and accurate course to the defined goal.   What drives student success each semester at universities, is important to review.

University students have an end-goal each semester to finish their courses.  They desire even further to earn passing grades in their classes.  Pass rates, however, can be directly influenced by access, or lack thereof, to academic support.  A motivating driver to academic success is availability and direction offered through university support structures.  It is difficult to navigate if the direction is unclear.

Take the driver’s seat, grab the wheel, and steer!  Where will your vehicle go?  What tools, at your fingertips, will you use to navigate to your destination of course completion?  The steering wheel is at your hands through tools like Cranium Cafe.  Cranium Cafe provides easy access to academic support structures.  Prepare for the navigation by reviewing “101 Ways To Cafe: Online Advising Edition”, which provides valuable insights into using Cranium Cafe as a navigational tool for academic student support.

Student support needs to be democratized to all university students for students to have the navigational tools needed to guide course completion.  What drives?  Access to student support systems and academic advising are huge environmental factors which drive the destination for course completion, or not.  This is why access to navigational tools, like Cranium Cafe, which provide immediate real-time connections with academic support, is so crucial.

University students do not need to set course on their academic road each semester blindly driving through the fog of uncertainty and confusion.  They need clarity and guidance.  They need support.  Cranium Cafe can clear the air to open students to the sight and goals needed to drive the road to academic success.  Support systems, such as these, must be given to students to help them drive.  Tools motivate and inspire!  They provide many advantage points on the semester-long map to help keep students on course.  This in turn keeps students from burning out less, from giving up, and from dropping out.  Access to academic student support for all, therefore, can keep drop-out rates lower.

Why is student support so important?  There are numerous reasons.  Support systems, like Cranium Cafe, provide students with availability to communication, transparency to progress, and bidirectional accountability. Availability to communication results in back and forth communication that is team-orientation, not one-directional, but bidirectional.  Bidirectional communication enables students and advisers to meet in real-time to discuss important matters.  Students can reach out to advisers when they need clear direction for scheduling.  They can gain help with course loads, completion requirements, grading, and other factors that need guidance.  Advisers in turn can connect with students to discuss these matters as well.

Bidirectional communication, in real-time, results in bidirectional transparency to academic progress for students.  Transparency to progress means that everyone sees the grades immediately.  If a student has issues with the content or information inputted, he or she can connect with academic advisors to gain transparency on grading.  Immediate transparency in grading allows students to gain quick accountability for their work.  This in turn, enables students to revise and adapt their work accordingly to drive toward academic success.  When students have access to transparency and accountability, they have no excuse for poor grades.  They have every excuse for remarkable grades!  Through this process of gaining equal access to academic support systems, students gain ownership of their studying process and successes.  They have access to navigate, while having personal accountability to control success.  End results of access means that students will have increased course completion.

Colleges like Snow College Online and Adams State University Online are using Cranium Cafe now for academic advising.  Seeing what they are doing with Cranium Cafe will provide insight and clarity to why accessibility is a key driver to student academic success which leads to increased course completion each semester.

The road is ahead — drive carefully!  Do not steer toward danger.  Take that wheel and drive responsibly.  Turn off all distractors and negative influences.  Grab those keys and turn the ignition that navigates toward positive outcomes.  The semester is ahead, so drive intentionally.   Grab your Cafe, press the pedal, and go- destination course completion ahead!  With support and drive, you will succeed!