Student Success Directory – Ways to Connect via the Cafe Card

Student Success Directory - Ways to Connect via the ConexED Card When you are online, your display will show a green light and students will have the ability to “Knock” on your door to see if you are available for a meeting: When you are not online, students will have the ability to send an offline message or schedule a meeting with you via the app. ... Read more

Student Support Directory – Searching for Faculty/Staff or by Department

Student Support Directory - Searching for Faculty/Staff or by Department The student directory is where your institution can showcase the department most involved with student support. This homepage directory allows users to view departments and schedule appointments with individuals easily from the homepage. The directory can also be sorted and searched by faculty/staff and student directories are accessible through each course which will be covered in ... Read more

Logging into ConexED through Canvas

Logging into ConexED through Canvas Login to your institutions Canvas Account and navigate to your course, then choose the ConexED option on the course navigation bar.  Refer to the Canvas LTI guide or contact your institution's administrator if you do not see this option in your course.   The ConexED user panel will open in a new tab with an option to watch the User Panel Navigation ... Read more

Logging into ConexED – Direct Login

Logging into ConexED - Direct Login You can login directly to ConexED by visiting On the login page, begin typing the name of your school and it should appear in the search dropdown. When you choose your school you will be prompted to confirm by choosing “Take Me There!”: The next page will show your school logo and login options. If your institution set up ConexED ... Read more

Technical Requirements

Technical Requirements ConexED’s Real-Time Student Services software was built to simulate an in-office appointment specifically designed to extend the reach to all off campus students. The Cafe is an intuitive and user-friendly real-time meeting & collaboration platform that requires no download or installation. Students can “knock” on the door on their academic support team and receive immediate help regardless of location or ability. Desktop PC and ... Read more

Submit A Help Ticket

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