Office365 Calendar Integration

ConexED's Office365 Calendar Integration Integrate your Office 365 calendar with your ConexED online scheduler. The O365 calendar integration is cloud-based and will  push down and up to all Outlook calendars on all computers and devices resulting in the best calendar synching in real-time. Video Tutorial First: Locate the "Calendar Settings" tab in the ConexED user panel. Second: Select the "Connect Office365 calendar" link. Note: You will need to have an ... Read more

Google Calendar Integration

ConexED's Google Calendar Integration Connect your Google calendar with your ConexED account allowing a real-time push/pull syncing. This method of real-time calendar syncing reduces double bookings and allows students self-schedule which is a great time saver. Please use Chrome as your "default" browser. This will help sync your Google calendar and join Cranium Cafe and Classroom meetings in the preferred browser. Video Tutorial First: Navigate to the "Calendar ... Read more

Setting up your ConexED Calendar

Setting up your ConexED Calendar ConexED can integrate with your personal or business calendars in Google, Office365, or Outlook (plugin only available for PC users). ConexED also has its own fully functional calendar that you can use without an integration. To access your calendar, choose “Profile Settings” from the left menu and then choose “Calendar Integration”.   By default, your calendar will be set to the ConexED calendar. ... Read more

Integrating your Cafe Card into a Webpage

Integrating your Cafe Card into a Webpage By retrieving two lines of code in your profile settings, you can copy and paste Cranium Cafe Cards into a webpage and be up and running within a few minutes. Click on your café card at the top right of the screen or choose “Customize Card” from your “Profile Settings”. Scroll down the page to the code options ... Read more

Ways to Connect with your Cafe Card

Ways to Connect with your Cafe Card Your ConexED account is owned and operated by you. Students can “knock” to chat with you and meet in your Cafe, or they can schedule an appointment using the cafe scheduler. The “ownership” of your account and Cafe meeting room allows you flexibility on how you want to allow others to meet and schedule with you. This also allows ... Read more

Adding Extra Fields to your Cafe Card

Adding Extra Fields to your Cafe Card Add an extra field to your card to further customize it even more. Simply type the name of the field under “Extra Field” and add the content of the extra field under “Field Value”. When you are finished customizing, click the “Save” tab and when the settings are updated click “OK” and your settings will appear on your card ... Read more
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