Scala Programmer

We are looking for a strong Scala programmer to help scale our platform to the next level. We want someone who can brainstorm an idea, spec it out with the lead architect, then make it happen. We are not just creating a product, we are developing a platform with many facets across multiple industries. Thinking three steps ahead based on our collective vision is vital. You will be part of the core startup team … the sky’s the limit.


  • Brainstorm, spec and build new features
  • Maintain Scala Play/Akka code
  • Refactor existing code for better performance/readability
  • Build new features as required


  • 5+ years experience in Java coding, code and performance optimization, debugging and unit testing
  • 2+ years experience in Scala
  • 2+ years experience writing functional reactive code
  • Proficient in NoSQL/Redis type databases
  • Proficient in EC6 Javascript
  • Experience using and working with projects stored on GitHub

Other Preferred Skills

  • Linux and Nginx setup, bash and/or python scripting and administration
  • AWS/Amazon Cloud Services
  • Experience using Docker
  • Experience with Play, Ruby on Rails, Django or other web framework
  • Experience with modern JS frameworks/libraries (eg. React, Bacon.js, Angular, Underscore.js)
  • BS in Computer Science

Bonus Points

  • Scalability testing, benchmarking, caching
  • An active account on StackOverflow and GitHub
  • Proficient in Cross-browser front-end development skills (HTML5, CSS/javascript/jQuery)
  • Team player that can help instruct other programmers
  • Self-taught, self-motivated, change the world attitude


Please send cover letter and resume to