Summer Loving | The Connection Between Student Onboarding and Support Services

Summer Loving | The Connection Between Student Onboarding and Support Services I am in the midst of training for my new role as a course instructor in a higher education institution. I am, essentially, a new student. I have been in training for almost three weeks and have attended numerous sessions and completed numerous training modules. I am learning the many facets that make up ... Read more

What Drives? Destination: Course Completion

What Drives? Destination: Course Completion There is an innate driver in everyone to set a course toward a defined destination.  The destination is a matter of what drives the individual.  The destination can be influenced by environmental factors that alter the road ahead.  Accessibility to fine navigational tools is important for being guided on a steady and accurate course to the defined goal.   What drives ... Read more

Student Services Superstar: Barbara Dalene

Student Services Superstar Spotlight: Barbara Dalene (AKA Big Bad Barb1) Title: Music Advisor School: Snow College Quote from a fan: “Barb has a great sense of humor and she’s so willing to do whatever is needed. I’m so proud of her!” —Susan Larsen, Director of the Student Success Center Before jumping into her profile & interview, it must be said that Barb has a very special place in our hearts here at Cranium ... Read more

What I Learned from Academic Advisors

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /   I learned a lot during the two-day Utah Advising Association Conference. I learned that “good” students struggle too. I learned that students frequently turn down help, even when they’re academically drowning. I learned that students are more likely to trust someone who is smiling (it has to be a real smile though — a “Duchenne” smile). I also learned that academic advisors ... Read more